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Transform Your Business with Contextualized Search

Your data has answers you need. Collect, structure and learn from your big data with the Search Ergo API.


Making big data work harder

Your data exists across countless channels and teams. Despite the application, structuring your data empowers teams and customers to learn quickly and seamlessly.


Build a custom database. By indexing and aggregating your unstructured text-based data your files become searchable. The API structures the data, cluster together relevant context, and deliver filtered results depending on how specific your queries are.


Contextual search delivers insights tailored to your needs. Upgrade your standard search with advanced functionality such as pattern detection, trend categorization, recommendations, and sentiment reporting.


Easily compare with all your files in one searchable database. With so much data, it can be easy to overlook key information. Contextual search does the scanning for you to quickly reveal blind spots and resources related to your queries.

Contextual Search for More Targeted Results

Search Ergo uniquely indexes and filters datasets using advanced vectorized search algorithms that analyze and understand the context of your queries. Our AI-powered engine both structures data as well as turns that data into a powerful search tool.


Our platform is designed to be fast and efficient, with advanced indexing techniques and optimized search algorithms that help you find the information you need quickly.


Search Ergo allows full control over your data. Ingest and configure your in-house data sets with our no-code solution.


We take the security of your data seriously. Our platform uses encryption and access controls to protect your information. With BYOA, Bring Your Own Account, we can work with your systems so you maintain control of your data.


About Search Ergo

We believe that the tools we shape end up shaping us. That’s why we focus on building tools that empower people to make more informed choices. Our intelligence platform makes sense of the countless inputs shaping our businesses and experiences so that both can be improved.

Search Ergo can be applied across industries and functionalities from customer reviews to social listening to text analysis. Currently, Search Ergo is being applied to News Ergo, a data-driven news aggregator that highlights key context for readers looking to have a more critical eye while consuming and navigating today’s news landscape.

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News Ergo was born out of a deep drive to bring more information to the masses so people could make more informed decisions. Search Ergo applies the same principle to help businesses large and small access data in new and impactful ways.

We are proud to bring together a diverse team of professionals. From PhDs to key engineers from Stripe and former publishers of NYT best-selling authors, our team members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Although we work from locations all around the world, we are united by our shared curiosity and passion for tackling complex challenges.